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Vital NZ Online was founded in 2002 and is New Zealand’s original Vital Greens (now called Vital All-In-One) retailer, we have helped thousands of people experience the goodness of Vital products.

We are a family run business and as a family with busy lifestyles we find the Vital range is perfect to help keep us in balance, healthy and full of energy. We love the fact we can get all this goodness from a tasty drink, without a tablet in sight, we hope we can share some of this goodness with you with.

Here at Vital NZ Online we are passionate about providing excellent customer service and fast shipping to your door anywhere in New Zealand, we look forward to sharing the Vital goodness with you.

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Vital All-In-One – the Dream of Two Australian Naturopaths

Vital Greens (now called Vital All-In-One) began in Australia in 2000. Sydney naturopaths Shane Sullivan and Stephen Sprada were looking for a means to address the increasing occurrence of gut, bowel and digestive conditions at the time. Through their business, Logical Nutrition, they had noticed a growing number of their clients with these afflictions were taking large amounts of supplements – some as many as 30 tablets a day –to combat the inhibited ability to digest food, but poor absorption of these supplements meant they weren’t delivering their much-needed nutritional benefits effectively.

The two came up with an answer to this by creating a comprehensive powder formula that contained all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutritional components found in a healthy, balanced diet. As a powdered formula Vital All-In-One nutritional supplement is readily absorbed and gentle on the digestive system.

Stephen and Shane went on to create Vital Protein vegetable protein supplement to complement the Vital All-In-One nutritional powder. Vital Protein is the highest available plant protein concentration protein and is suitable for vegetarians and people with other dietary restrictions or allergies.

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