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Vital NZ Online – New Zealand’s Favourite Superfood

Vital NZ Online has provided New Zealanders with the Vital range of quality nutritional products since 2002. Vital Greens now named Vital All-In-One is a complete superfood. This incredible multi-nutrient was created in 2000 by two Australian naturopaths to provide a comprehensive source of nutrition that delivers optimal health, energy and vitality to every cell in the body. Their original aim was to synergistically provide balanced nutritional support for clients with digestive conditions that made nutritional absorption difficult. It has since been widely used for anyone seeking to achieve better balanced nutrition for health and vitality. Just one dose a day enhances therapeutic outcomes and delivers a background broad spectrum nutritional support.

Because Vital All-In-One uses real food rather than synthetically manufactured ingredients, it naturally supplies the body with the raw material it needs for daily optimum health and vitality, delivered in a powder form for easy and complete absorption.

As the first distributor of the Vital brand to New Zealanders, Vital NZ Online offers a reliable source of nutritional advice and delicious recipes for enjoying a healthier, more nutritionally balanced diet with the help of Vital Supplements, Vital Protein and Vital Superfoods.

More about Vital NZ Online and the origins of Vital All-In-One

Vital Nutritional Superfood for Better Health and Vitality

Vital NZ Online provides the full range of great nutritional products from Vital to meet your body’s health and nutrition needs.




Vital Greens NZ Online delivering "More Betterness"

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"As a regular customer I have appreciated the prompt and thoughtful service received from Lynda and her team. The Vital Greens product range is great for busy people who want the best for themselves and their families."Samuel, Auckland
Thanks for supplying me with such a fantastic product I have now been drinking vital greens for close to 10 years and the difference it makes to my energy levels and vitality is astonishing. I have recommended vital greens to more people than I can count over the years and most of my close friends are as sold as I am. RegardsGuy Parbury, Business Development Consultant Essilor New Zealand
"I have been purchasing vital greens and Vital Protein from Lynda via Website for a few years now and have found their service to be very frendly and professional. Lynda goes above and beyond to get the goods delivered as soon as possible once the order has been placed."Robyn
"I have been using Vital Greens 'Original Protein Powder' and 'Vital Greens' for the past 2 or so years and have found it a great protein to use, that is digestible and keeps my muscle tone great and me well. The service I have received from Linda is fantastic and the product arrives within a day of ordering. If I need to know anything about the product or delivery, Linda is there at the end of the phone or email immediately, I would recommend this company and product."Annette Gledhill, Albany